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Management of service technicians in the field

Serwico is a comprehensive service management tool. Organizing the work of field service technicians has never been easier.

  • From the creators of SAFESTAR, a renowned monitoring center management system for security agencies
    From the creators of SAFESTAR, a renowned monitoring center management system for security agencies

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Work more efficiently and faster

Everything you need to boost your productivity.

Streamlined Workflows

You can easily customize Servico to meet the needs of your business. You can define your own order types and protocol templates.

Service Order Management

Organizing the work of service technicians and managing service orders is fast and convenient thanks to the views of the order list, calendar and map.

Enhancing Productivity

Optimize workflows and communication - from now on, all the information needed to complete the order will be in the system.

Google calendar Integration

Optimize your processes and streamline your workflows

Optimize processes, streamline workflows for efficiency. Identify bottlenecks, eliminate redundancies, standardize procedures. Save time, reduce costs, and improve productivity through optimization and streamlining.
  • Favison Serwico Reports that provide detailed and useful data, accelerating task completion and business success.
  • Favison Serwico Mobile app: Service technicians receive orders in the mobile app. Visits are assigned to specific service technicians, who mark the beginning and end of work in the system.
  • Favison Serwico Integration with Google Calendar and Safestar.

Increase customer satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional service, addressing concerns promptly, and personalizing interactions to exceed expectations.
  • Favison Serwico Email notifications to customers about scheduled visits.
  • Favison Serwico Customer access to the system to view and add new service requests.
  • Favison Serwico Electronic protocols.

Trusted Clients

Trusted by millions of worldwide customers

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Serwico Solo

59 PLN

1 license (without the possibility to buy additional licenses)
  • Service Orders Management (List, Map, Calendar)
  • Handling service request
  • Maintenance planning
  • Clients and objects database
  • Google calendar integration
  • Data Export
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Serwico Business


5 licenses (with the possibility to buy additional licenses)
  • Everything in SOLO plus:
  • Managing service technicians
  • Mobile app for technicians
  • Map of orders and objects
  • Roles and permissions
  • System customization
  • Reports and stats
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Serwico Enterprise

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Individual determination of the number of licenses and costs
  • Everything in BUSINESS plus:
  • Customized space for attachments and protocols
  • Interface for customers
  • Customized integrations
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