About System

Organization of service work has never been easier! Serwico is the management of service requests, configuration of periodic maintenance and a convenient database of customers and service technicians.
Fully responsive mobile version

Fully Responsive Mobile Version

Access through the website to the application in the cloud. To get started, simply create an account and invite users. A mobile application is also available for service technicians.

Flexible workflow

Flexible Workflow

Servico can easily adapt to the needs of your business. You can define your own order types and protocol templates. With the ability to create your own statuses and priorities, you will adapt the workflow to your company's processes.

Control Of Service Technicians' Work

Service technicians receive orders in the mobile application. Visits are assigned to specific service technicians, who mark the beginning and end of work in the system. They also have the opportunity to report comments and problems related to the execution of the order in the system. With the help of photos and electronic protocols, they can document the work performed.

Serwico is a universal system

Serwico Is A Universal System

The system is suitable for large and small. It can be adapted for both working alone, small teams and large organizations. You can use it for servicing equipment (e.g. printers, coffee machines, ATMs, parcel machines, etc.) as well as installation and service work (e.g. CCTV, HVAC, etc.).


Secure servers in the cloud. Data processing centers in the EU. HA infrastructure, security procedures and data backups.

Handling Of Service Orders

  • Creation and management of orders by coordinators
  • Handling of orders by service technicians in the mobile view of the system
  • List of orders with search capabilities, advanced filters and export to xls files.
  • View of calendar and list of visits
  • Integration of service visits with Google calendar
  • Presentation of orders, objects on a map
  • Automatic generation of maintenance orders based on object configuration

Mobile application for service technicians

  • Order processing
  • Registration of visit start time and employees present at the visit
  • Possibility of reporting problems and comments to the visit
  • Protocols for maintenance orders and visits

Database of customers and objects

  • Possibility of attaching documentation to objects
  • Search and export of customers and objects
  • Possibility of inventory of equipment and systems on customer objects
  • Assignment of default service technicians to objects
  • Database of contact persons

Service technician management

  • Database of service technicians
  • Ability to enter absences into the system
  • Access for customers
  • Ability to make the system available to customers for self-reporting of orders and verification of their status

Secure Cloud Solutions

EU Data Centers with HA Infrastructure, Rigorous Security Procedures, and Data Backups


  • Reports and statistics of orders, visits and work of service technicians
  • Export to excel
  • Possibility to remember the configuration

Configuration and customization of the system

  • Different levels of access and permissions for users (Administrator, Coordinator, Service Technician, Customer)
  • Ability to configure custom types, priorities and statuses of orders
  • Configuration of protocol templates, types of supported devices and systems
  • Custom calendar of days off
  • Inviting new users via e-mail.


  • In the system
  • E-mail
  • In the application
  • In Google calendar

Automated payments Integrations

  • Safestar
  • Google Calendar
  • Api for developers