Frequently Asked Questions


What is Serwico?

Serwico is an application made for service and maintenance tasks management. It allows companies to create service tasks, assign them to service technicians, and track their status.

Does Serwico offer a free trial?

Yes, Serwico offers a 30-day free trial with full functionality of the app.
Feel free to register using the Try for free button on the top of the page!

Does Serwico have a mobile application?

Yes, Serwico has a mobile application for Android and iOS devices available on the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively.

What are the functionalities of the mobile application?

The mobile application is designed mostly for the service technicians, so that they can process their assigned tasks in the field.

It provides a different layout than the web application, which is more suited for mobile devices. It also allows to fully process the service tasks and visits, complete the checklists, provide the conservator's and client's signatures to the visit protocols, navigate through the objects map, or add attachments to objects or tasks.

It is limited in some areas compared to the web application, as it lacks some administration panels, client configuration features or the payment module.

Accounts and permissions

Who are each permission groups designed for?

There are four default permission groups:

  • Administrator - accounts with highest levels of access for technical administrators, or someone that manages configuration and payments.  
  • Coordinator - service managers, people that receive service requests and assign them to technicians.
  • Conservator - designed for service technicians, who are going to perform service work at a client's site. 
  • Guest - accounts created for end clients. They are completely free, and allow the clients to view visit progress and create service requests if needed.

They can be modified or granted additional permissions with the User profile configurator.

Is it possible to change user permissions?

Yes. There are four default groups of permissions (Administrator, Coordinator, Conservator, Guest). Additionally, they can be freely modified using the User profile configurator.

How to edit user permissions?

Administrators can find the configurator in the Administration > Configuration panel.

Can an administrator or coordinator assign themselves to a visit?

Yes, but this option is disabled by default.
In order to enable this option for Administrators and Coordinators, their profile needs to be edited in the User profile configurator.

Is it possible to create accounts for clients, so that they can create tasks and track task progress?

Yes, it is possible to create Guest accounts designed for clients.
Please note however, that Guest users cannot create tasks by default. In order to grant them such possibility, their permissions need to be modified in the User profile configurator.

Are accounts for clients free?

Yes, accounts designed for clients are completely free. To use them, you need to create an account with Guest permissions.

Tasks and visits

What are maintenances?

Maintenances are, simply put, recurring tasks. You can set up a maintenance to be able to generate tasks for the same object with a constant cooldown period between them.

It can be useful if you know in advance that hardware you are responsible for needs to be serviced or checked by a conservator every few months.


What subscription plans are available?

There are three subscription plans:

  • The Solo plan is designed for subcontractors and individual workers, and is limited to only one user per account.
  • The Business plan is designed for small or medium companies, and allows for a minimum of 5 licences with a possibility to buy extra licences if needed.
  • The Enterprise plan is designed for larger companies, and allows extra customization options and an individually determined amount of users. Additionally, it can be installed on the company's own infrastructure on request.

For exact prices and additional details please refer to the Pricing page.

What payment forms are available?

We accept payments by card, fast transfers, BLIK, or traditional bank transfers. We offer monthly or yearly billing periods.

Who processes the payments for Serwico?

Payments inside Serwico are processed by PayU - a leading global payment service provider.

Can I add a credit or debit card for automatic payments inside Serwico?

Yes. Cards can be added in the Administration > Payments > Payment methods panel, and they can be saved there for future Serwico payments.

How are the fees calculated?

Fees are charged monthly (or yearly, depending on the selected billing cycle) in advance. The amount of the fee is based on the number of active user accounts. In addition, there may be a one-time charge to increase the amount of disk space available for files and attachments in the system, once the current space is exceeded.

Can I send the payment request to my accountant or finance department instead of doing it myself?

Yes, it is possible, and in order to do that, the person responsible for payments does not even have to own a Serwico account.

In Administration > Payments > Payment methods, you can configure an e-mail address of the person responsible for payments. When the subscription is about to end, they will receive an e-mail that a payment is required, and can fully process it without logging in to a Serwico account.

Can I change my plan once I have selected it?

Yes, the plan can be changed by the account administrator in the Administration -> Payments section.
Please note that the plan will not be changed until the next payment cycle starts.

How can I change the number of people in the plan?

The number of people selected in the plan is the number of active paid accounts. Profiles created for guests are not charged. To invite new users or change the number of users, go to the Administration -> Users menu.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a subscription, the account administrator must go to the Administration -> Payments menu and select the "Unsubscribe" button in the Summary tab.
The subscription will not cancel immediately, but instead it will not be extended after the billing period ends.