Serwico – a modern solution for service

If you run a service company or work as a service technician, you will certainly be interested in Serwico – a system for managing service technicians in the field. Serwico is a web and mobile application that facilitates the organization of service work, communication with customers and documentation of orders. In this article we will present the main features and benefits of using the application….

Service request management

Serwico allows you to easily create and assign service requests to the appropriate service technicians. You can set appointments and prioritize visits, as well as track the progress of orders. It also allows you to set up periodic maintenance that automatically generates new requests at selected intervals.

The system helps you manage your customer and service technician base. You can add and edit contact information, locations, contracts and cooperation history.

Access through the website or mobile app

The system can be accessed through the website, where you can manage requests, customers and service technicians. For service technicians working in the field, there is also a mobile app that allows them to receive orders, confirm the work and send electronic minutes. The app sends push notifications of new and changed orders and allows quick communication with coordinators and customers.

Adapting to business needs

Serwico is a universal system that can be customized for different industries and types of services. You can define your own order types and protocol templates to fit your specific needs. In our application, you can set your own order categories that correspond to the types of services you provide. You can also define order priorities that will help you prioritize orders. In addition, you can define order statuses that reflect the stages of their execution.

In Serwico, you can create your own protocol templates, which will be generated automatically when an order is completed. You can customize the content and appearance of the protocol according to your requirements and preferences. You can also specify the types of devices and systems you support so you can more easily identify problems reported by customers.

Roles and permissions

In Serwico, you can assign different roles to users depending on their functions in the organization. The administrator has full control over the system and can manage all settings, users and orders. The coordinator can create and assign orders to service technicians and monitor their progress. The service technician can execute orders and report their results. The customer can report problems and check the status of his orders.


In Serwico, you can set your own calendar of days off to be taken into account when scheduling service visits. You can specify dates on which you do not work or work on a limited basis. This will help you avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure better communication with your customers.

The app integrates with Google Calendar, so you can synchronize your scheduled service visits with other events on your calendar. 


Serwico has a built-in notification system that displays information about new and changed orders on the home screen. You can also receive notifications for orders that are assigned to you. You can configure what types of notifications you want to receive and how often.

Your employees and customers will be kept informed about scheduled appointments and the progress of requests. This will be ensured by, among other things, email notifications to customers about scheduled visits and email and in-app notifications to service technicians about new orders.


With the reports and statistics available in the system, you can monitor your business and optimize it. Check which orders take you the most time, which customers report the most defects, which systems are the most unreliable. 

Data security

Serwico uses secure cloud servers located in the EU. Data is encrypted and regularly backed up. The application meets the requirements of GDPR  and ensures the protection of personal data.


Serwico is a modern solution for service companies and service technicians working in the field, it facilitates the organization of service work, communication with customers and documentation of orders. The system is available through the website and mobile application. 

See for yourself. You can try Serwico for free at any time by creating a free account.

Paweł Dobosz

Pawel Dobosz, is a professional with over 16 years of experience. He has a wealth of knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage a team. He specializes in CCTV, IDS systems and computer networks. With his in-depth technical knowledge and excellent communication skills, he effectively coordinates and solves customer problems.